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Mini Enclosures for your Computer!
ONLY Mini Cases  
SXM 6.3L
FX 4.7L
Compared to
Mid Tower Case  37L

Innovations of components for Personal Computers (PCs) allow us to build compact, but at the same time powerful computers today. We keeping abreast, so we build modern small PC cases.

Size matters only when justified ...

Thats why, our solutions, as well as possible, will suit connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the SFF (Small Form Factor).

Computers assembled in some of our cases are suitable for traveling, as they fit easily into a backpack or laptop bag. Others will harmoniously decorate your living room and allow you to play demanding games on your 4K TV. And, of course, there are more cases for especially powerful gaming PCs.

Super Compact Cases

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About Cases ...
  • Each model of our case is designed for specific purposes. Starting from the tiny volume of just 0.8L and ending with the PC - Tables firstly, as a product for Gaming, and after that for other needs.

  • The cooling system of each case is designed for the hottest components. Air vents allow the intake of cold air from the outside without the use of case fans.

  • Most of our cases use high-quality riser LiHeat PCIe 16x cable with Gen3.0 support, which allows using top-end video cards without loss of performance.

  • Cases can be made entirely from aircraft-grade aluminum, or using high-strength steel components. This approach allows you to make quite strong and lightweight cases, which may be important when building a PC for traveling.

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