It's easy to learn , work and even have fun with us!

We make the most compact

metal cases ,

for your convenience!

  • Own development and production

  • Lightweight and durable enclosures thanks to
    Aluminum-magnesium alloy and
    Carbon Steel

  • Sophisticated Ventilation of Each Model

  • The most durable powder paint

  • Delivery to more than 135 countries of the world!

We are ready to assemble a mini computer for you in a case of our own production.

Our products are designed not only for connoisseurs of Small Form Factor, but also for anyone who wants a compact and powerful computer.

Computers assembled in our cases are suitable for:

  • travel for work or study, as it will easily fit into a backpack or bag

  • for home use, they will harmoniously decorate your living room and allow not only watching movies, but even playing demanding games with friends on your TV or projector.

  • for the office, our small enclosures do not take up much space, they can even be fixed to the monitor!

Submitted. Thank you!

If you need help choosing a suitable Enclosure or selecting components for assembly, please contact in any convenient way. We will definitely help you.

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