We are a team of enthusiasts who strive to make the complex simple, and the big one small). Each of our enclosures are designed for easy use.

But in all our projects you can see that fine line between the impossible and the real. After all, to build a mini case for the top "iron" is not so simple. We need an accurate calculation of air flow at the location of components inside the case.

Our products are a collaboration of people and high-tech CNC machines. Modern laser metal cutting, CNC bending presses and modern powder painting methods make it possible to produce a high quality product.

  • Geographically, we are located in Ukraine, but we ship all over the World!

  • During the four years of our activity, about 900 buildings were built and sent.

  • We shipped to 46 countries out of 200 possible.

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Снятые с Производства Корпуса

FX lm 6.1L 

Снятые с Производства Корпуса

SL3 stl 4.8L

Снятые с Производства Корпуса


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