Answers to frequently asked questions


  • Aluminum or Steel?  
    Case in the name, which have the abbreviation stl (for example FX stl 4.7L) are completely steel, and lm (for example FX lm 4.7L) are aluminum. It is worth noting though that some lm hulls have steel parts for structural strength.

  • Are fully steel cases stronger?
    We didn’t let the housings under the press in order to establish accurately. However, we can assure you that all of our cases are strong enough. Steel case are made from sheet metal with a minimum thickness of 1mm. Aluminum parts from sheet from 1 to 2 mm, special alloy AMG3M. This fairly strong alloy is often used in ships and aircraft. Despite the fact that the cases are quite robust, it is worth remembering that a computer assembled even in a small FX 4.7L case can weigh 4-5kg. With such a weight, a fall even from a meter height, for example, from a table to a tile, can seriously deform the case and damage the components inside.

  • What is the advantage of aluminum enclosures?
    Despite its high cost, we use aluminum as a material for our cases solely because of its lightness. Aluminum is almost three times lighter than steel. Also, aluminum is a more noble metal than steel.

Assembling a PC in a mini case.

  • How difficult is it?  
    If you have experience in assembling full-size PCs, then by watching our video instructions, you can assemble a computer in our cases without any problems. Those who have no experience, but want to learn how to assemble assemblies on their own, we advise you to look more closely at our video reviews and instructions, and if something is not clear, ask.

  • Assembly specialists.  
    We can assemble a computer for you in one of our cases. Since we have an individual approach and do not make assemblies in advance. Email us at or in social. networks, what tasks you need a computer for, what budget and your preferences. We will offer the best assembly in terms of price and quality.

    The FREE assembly service is offered only with delivery within Ukraine. We do not ship assembled PCs to other countries, as we cannot guarantee the safety of the package. Also, such packages may be