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MB & VideoCards

M3 lm 4.8L

       M3 lm 4.8L is a very compact and lightweight aluminum housing. It was designed for high-end components such as Core i7 CPUs and GeForce RTX2070 mini-level graphics cards. Power can be arranged using HDPLEX or Dynamo360 units.

The location of components of the type of "Sandwich" allows you to take a cold air intake from outside the housing. Thus, overheating of components can be avoided even without additional blowing by case fans.



Special features

  • Only screw connection of housing elements.

  • Aluminum case with steel frame.

  • These cases are painted exclusively with Powder paint or varnish.

  • To connect the video card we use only high-quality PCI-e riser with support for GEN 3.0 manufactured by Li-Heat.

  • HDPLEX and Dynamo 360 compatible

  • Compact size thanks to external power supply.


  • Size: 120mm x 207mm x 194mm

  • Material: Aluminum (1.5mm); Steel (1mm)

  • MB: mini-ITX (170x170mm)

  • GPU: up to 190mm long

  • Cooler: up to 50mm high

  • RAM: up to 57 mm high

  • Storage: 1 x SSD / HDD 2.5 "*

  • PSU: pico HDPLEX DC-ATX or Dynamo Mini

* Installation under the graphics card. installation of the Dynamo 360 unit is not possible

Power Sources

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