On this page you can see all types of goods available in stock and on order. If you find it difficult to decide on the choice, we advise you to go to the " Help with the choice " section.

Geographically, the warehouse and production is located in Ukraine. However, we ship worldwide.

Orders are processed on weekdays . Dispatch of goods from the warehouse every Tuesday and Friday.

Lightweight Aluminum Enclosures

For the production of these cases, we use a durable Aluminum-Magnesium alloy of the AMG3M brand with a thickness of 1 to 2 mm (+ - 0.5 mm). Most of these housings have a 1mm (+ - 0.5mm) carbon steel frame. The housings are painted with durable powder paint.

Durable Steel Cases

For the production of these cases, we use only high quality Carbon Steel with a thickness of 1mm (+ -0.5mm). The housings are painted with durable powder paint.

Customized enclosures

Please note that production may take several months. However, these enclosures are cheaper. A good opportunity to save money, for those who are willing to wait.


Along with the case, you can order some components for assembly. You can also order a PC assembly in our cases from us. This service is free. We will help with the selection of the necessary components and their purchase if necessary. Also, after assembly, we will test the PC for stable operation under loads.

Mini Housings Accessories

Something for beauty, but something for ease of assembly ...



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