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MINI 3.6L is the most compact and lightweight aluminum body. It has been designed for components such as Core i5 processors and GeForce GTX 1660 graphics cards. The components are powered by an external power supply and an internal pico PSU.

The arrangement of the components according to the "Sandwich" type allows the intake of cold air from the outside of the case and expel it upwards. In this way, overheating of the components can be avoided, even without additional blowing from the case fans.

  • Only screw connection of case elements.

  • Size 107 x 186 x 183mm

  • Aluminum case with steel frame.

  • Powder paint.

  • We recommend PCI-e riser Li-Heat to connect a video card.

  • Compatible with HDPLEX and Dynamo mini pico PSU


CPU cooler

up to 40mm high

Motherboard format mini ITX (17x17cm)

pico PSU and RAM

up to 45mm high

Mini ITX graphics card

length up to 178mm;

no wider than 130mm;

two slots (40mm)

M.2 drives on motherboard

External Power Supply

riser LiHeat 30cm