SL1 2.1L  

SL1 2.1L is our smallest case! It was designed for office and multimedia applications.

The simple design of the case allows you to conveniently assemble and service your PC. The case can be hung behind a monitor or on a wall using a VESA mount.

  • The case is made of durable carbon steel 1mm thick

  • Size: 187 x 190 x 60mm

  • Powder paint


CPU cooler

up to 43mm high

Motherboard format

mini ITX (17x17cm)

pico PSU and RAM

up to 45mm high

Drive 2.5 "

1xSSD / HDD 5mm

External Power Supply

No graphics card, use a CPU with integrated graphics

* The thickness of the drive decreases the allowable height for the cooler.


Recommended for assembly, in a case

SL1 stl 2.1L following configuration.

  • CPU: RYZEN 5 max TDP 65W

  • Cooler:
    Scythe Kodati BSCKDT-1100
    JONSBO HP-400

  • pico: HDPLEX 200W

  • PSU: 180-240W 19.5V

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SL1 stl 2.1L
SL1 stl 2.1L
SL1 stl 2.1L

Порошковая краска, текстура

SL1 stl 2.1L
SL1 stl 2.1L
SL1 stl 2.1L
SL1 stl 2.1L