Mini Slim Case 

SL3 stl 4.8L

Case SL3 stl 4.8L is a case for mini PCs for low-profile components, Low Profile video cards and TFX format power supplies. It was designed for top-end Core i7 or RYZEN 7 processors that can be cooled with coolers up to 65mm high.


         First of all, this compact case is suitable for developers using multi-threaded processors and video cards of the GTX 1650 level. It is also ideal for building a PC as a media center.

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Special features

  • The case has a simple steel construction (1mm).

  • Quality Powder Paint.

  • TFX Internal Power Supply.

  • In the case there is a mount for 1x 2.5 "drives

  • Size:  273mm x 194mm x 90mm

  • Material: Steel (1mm)

  • MB: mini-ITX (170x170mm)

  • GPU: Low Profile (max 185x69x42)

  • Cooler: up to 65mm

  • Storage: 1 x SSD 2.5" 

  • PSU: TFX (65x85x180mm)


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