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SLM1 4L is a mini PC case with external power supply. It was designed for mid-range components. Core i7 processors and GeForce GTX1660 graphics cards. Easiest PC assembly due to simple design. Takes up little space in your backpack and on your desk.

  • Lightweight aluminum case

  • Case weight is only 1kg!

  • Size 325 x 192 x 65mm

  • High quality powder paint.

  • Unique SKYSLOTS Vents designed by NFC systems.

  • Connecting a video card via a proprietary riser cable LiHeat

  • Stand for vertical installation.


CPU cooler

up to 42mm high

Motherboard format mini ITX (17x17cm)

RAM up to 45mm high

Mini ITX graphics card

length up to 178mm;

no wider than 130mm;

two slots (40mm)

riser LiHeat 35cm

External Power Supply

pico PSU
up to 45mm high

Storage devices
2 x 2.5" format