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MB & Graphics Card 

SLM1 lm 4L

SLM1 lm 4L is the best case for a mini PC with an external power supply. It was designed for mid-range components.


Core i5 processors and GeForce GTX1660 graphics cards.

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Special features

  • Unique SKYSLOTS Ventilation Holes developed by NFC systems.

  • The case has a sturdy and lightweight construction of 2mm Aluminum.

  • Quality powder paint.

  • The CPU faces up and the GPU faces up

  • Case weight is only 1kg!

  • Connecting a Video Card through a Corporate Reaser LiHeat Flex Cable

  • Front port USB Type C

  • Stand for vertical installation.

  • Completely screw connection.

  • Frameless construction.


  • Volume: 4L (325,5mm x 188,5mm x 65mm)

  • Material: aluminum (2mm)

  • MB: mini ITX (170 x 170mm)

  • GPU: length <178mm, height <130mm

  • CPU Cooler: up to 40mm

(Noctua NH-L9i compatible)

  • RAM: up to 45 mm

  • Storage: M.2 and SSD/HDD: 1 x 2.5" 5-9mm

  • PSU: pico HDPLEX or Dynamo mini

  • PCIe riser: LiHeat 350mm B.type



  • CPU: intel Corei7 8700

  • MB: Gigabyte Z370n

  • GPU: MSI aero GTX1060

  • Cooler: Noctua NH-L9i

  • RAM: G.Skill DDR4-3000 2x8Gb

  • Storage: M.2 850 EVO

  • PSU: pico Dynamo mini + Flextronics GA240P

  • PCIe riser: LiHeat 300mm D.type

AIDA 64 test

  • Room: 18°C

  • CPU 100%: max 80°C

  • Fans СPU: 100%

  • GPU 80%: max 58°C

  • Fans GPU: 100%

  • MB: max 45°C

  • SSD 2.5": max 47°C

  • Noise 0.4m - 50dB

  • Power: 200W

RTX Game "Metro R."

  • Room: 18°C

  • CPU 30%: max 55°C

  • Fans СPU: 70%

  • GPU 70%: max 60°C

  • Fans GPU: 65%

  • MB: max 40°C

  • SSD M.2: max 47°C

  • Noise 0.4m 42dB

  • Power: 150W


We recommend the following configuration for the top assembly in the SLM1 lm 4L package.

  • CPU:                      max TDP 65W

  • Cooler:                  Noctua L9i/a

  • GPU:                      Geforce GTX1660

  • PSU:                      HDPLEX 200W 

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