Super SLIM 


HDPlex 400W 

SLM2 lm 5.7L

       SLM2 lm 5.7L is the best case for mini PC with PSU HDPlex 400W. Easiest PC assembly thanks to simple design. Takes up little space in the backpack and on the desktop.

The case is suitable for gaming PCs with Core i7 processors and mini GeForce RTX2070 Super Video Cards.

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Special features

  • Unique SKYSLOTS Ventilation Holes developed by NFC systems.

  • The case has a sturdy and lightweight construction of 2mm Aluminum.

  • Quality powder paint.

  • The CPU faces up and the GPU faces up

  • Connecting a Video Card through a Corporate Reaser LiHeat Flex Cable

  • Front port USB Type C

  • Designed for HDPlex 400W Power Supplies

  • Completely screw connection.

  • Frameless construction.


  • Volume: 5.7L (370mm x 220mm x 70mm)

  • Material: aluminum (2mm)

  • MB: mini ITX (170 x 170mm)

  • GPU: length <210mm, height <135mm

  • CPU Cooler: up to 48mm

  • RAM: up to 50 mm

  • Storage: M.2 and SSD/HDD: 1 x 2.5" 5-9mm

  • PSU:  HDPLEX 400W

  • PCIe riser: LiHeat 350mm B.type

  • Fans: 3x 40x40mm

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