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SLM3 7.4L  

Compact PC Case


Everything inside Case

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SLM3 7.4L unique mini PC case. Despite the small volume, you can assemble a fairly powerful PC in it. Extremely easy assembly due to simple design. Place the assembled computer vertically or horizontally.

A three-slot graphics card can be installed in the case, for example, the Founders Edition RTX 3080 . Or two-slot with three 2.5 "drives at the bottom, separated by a special plate for heat dissipation. Another option is a miniITX video card and an AIO for the Central Processor. A power supply inside the SFX format, for example SX750 Pl or even SFX-L like this SX1000 Pl.

We think this case is the most suitable for a compact gaming station!

миниатюры м.png


  • Unique Vents

  • The case is durable and lightweight with 2mm Aluminum construction.

  • High quality powder paint.

  • The CPU faces up and the GPU faces up

  • Connecting a video card via a proprietary riser cable LiHeat

  • Front USB 3.0 ports

  • Stand for vertical installation.

  • Fully screwed connection.

  • Frameless design for easy assembly.


Review of the first prototype SLM3