We accept orders for the manufacture of personalized laptop stands. Production time 2-3 months.

When ordering more than 3 pieces of discount.


How many laptop stand manufacturers do you know who can customize it for you? .
If you want to give status to your office or workplace, then we are at your service!
We make coasters according to individual customer requirements. Size, color, material. A logo or inscription can be cut out on a stand. Of course, it can be done with RGB backlight. If your laptop is quite powerful, then we can install fans for blowing. And, of course, you can install a USB hub!
Power for backlight and fans from a single USB connector.

Stand for a laptop

Logo - Lettering
The size
  • Specifications:

    • Material: Steel $ 20
    • Material: Aluminum $ 35
    • Powder Coat: Dark Sugar Metallic or other
    • Size: 15 "(55 x 250 x 370mm)
    • Size: 17 "(60 x 270 x 390mm) + $ 5
    • Size: 19 "(60 x 285 x 410mm) + $ 10
    • Your logo or inscription can be cut out on a stand
      cost is calculated individually (from $ 10)
    • You can set the ARGB backlight with a controller (remote)
      cost about $ 20
    • You can also install fans to cool the laptop powered by USB or PSU.
      cost from about $ 20 and up


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