The filter is designed to filter air from dust entering the computer cooling system. The filter is a filter cloth and one sticky side.

G1 - Low resistance filter - Polyester, woven mesh. The material perfectly passes air, minimally affecting the temperature of components in the computer.
And also filter G1:
- Can be installed on all holes to protect against insects.
- Can be installed between the case and the fan.
- Suitable for laptops and mini-PCs.


G2 - Long-life filter - Polyester, fibrous non-woven material has good filtration efficiency and high dust absorption. The G2 filter allows you to use your computer for a long time without maintenance.


G3 - Fine filter - Open cell polyurethane foam. The material has a high filtration efficiency of 90%, traps large and small dust particles up to 5 microns.

The G3 filter allows you to achieve maximum cleanliness in your computer.


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With the filter you will receive:

- A clean computer from dust for many years.

- Stable low processor temperature.

- Low noise fans.

- Long service life of PC components.

- Free DustEND program. You can download from the site .

DustEnd G1filter

  • Specifications G1:

    Material: Polyurethane Foam
    Size: 950 * 155 * 1 mm
    Black color
    Filtration Efficiency: 50%
    Dust capacity: 120 g / m2
    Resistance: 2 Pa
    Scissor Cut: ✔
    Model: G1-950BK

  • G2 Specifications:

    Material: Polyester
    Size: 1100 * 155 * 4 mm
    White colour
    Filtration Efficiency: 80%
    Dust capacity: 360 g / m2
    Resistance: 20 Pa
    Scissor Cut: ✔
    Reusable: ✔
    Sound absorption: ✔
    Gross Weight: 49g
    Net Weight: 25g
    Model: G2-1100WH

  • G3 Specifications:

    Material: Polyester
    Size: 950 * 155 * 5 mm
    Black color
    Filtration Efficiency: 90%
    Dust capacity: 220 g / m2
    Resistance: 24 Pa
    Scissor Cut: ✔
    Reusable: ✔
    Sound absorption: ✔
    Gross Weight: 50g
    Net Weight: 25g
    Model: G3-950BK

  • Instruction:

    1. Remove the locking brackets and remove the container lid.

    2. Remove the roll by the paper tab.

    3. Determine the installation location. To do this, find the holes designed to blow cold air into the housing.

    4. Unwind the required amount of filter.

    5. Carefully cut a piece of filter of the required size and shape.

    6. With the adhesive side, attach the filter to the holes on the outside of the housing or on the inside.

    Important! Gluing is done on a clean and even surface.

    For maximum bond strength it is necessary to STRONGLY press the filter to the gluing plane.

    Filter cleaning

    Option 1 - Vacuuming, the filter can not be removed from the housing.

    Option 2 - Flushing with water at medium temperature. Then you need to quickly dry the filter. The glue on the filter will withstand 3-4 washes.

    Cleaning in the washing machine and cleaning products (soap, washing powder, etc.) is not allowed.


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