SATA Cable MOD is a special cable for mini PC! We use only the best materials. Gold-plated contacts and tinned copper wire 22AWG provide high-quality power supply of components. Cables have a special length and are recommended for our SXM lm 6.3L enclosures ; SXM stl 6.3L ; SX stl 7.1L rev1 / 2; SX lm 6.8L .

SATA Power Cable

Cable MOD
  • Совместимость:

    Совместимость с Блоками Питания: Corsair SF450/600 gold; SF 450/600/750 platinum / Chieftec Compact Series

    Совместимость с нашими Корпусами:

    SXM lm 6.3LSXM stl 6.3L; SX stl 7.1L rev1/2; SX lm 6.8L и другие





  • Material

    • Gold plated contacts
    • Tinned copper wire 22AWG
    • Connectors Black or Red

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