Cable MOD silver is the best solution for a mini PC! We use only the best materials. Cables have a special length and are recommended for our SXM lm 6.3L enclosures ; SXM stl 6.3L ; SX stl 7.1L ; SX lm 6.8L ; SLM3 lm 7.4L

Cable MOD Silverstone SX

  • Specifications:

    Silverstone SFX Series SX Power Supply Compatibility



    Wire 18-20AWG



    MB: 24pin - 20 + 4pin (20cm)

    CPU: 8pin - 4 + 4pin (30cm)

    GPU: 8pin - 6 + 2pin (27cm) + 6 + 2pin (14cm)

    SATA: 6pin - 2x 15pin (15cm)

    SATA: 6pin - 1x 15pin (16cm)





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