Available in a warehouse in St. Petersburg (RF) with delivery throughout Russia. To order with delivery within the Russian Federation, go to the store vk.com/projec_dk ( LINK )

Arrival at the warehouse in Ukraine is scheduled for the end of May 2021. The quantity is limited, we recommend making a pre-order.

  • Booth R1   produced by DK Project (Russia)
  • The stand can be made from both Steel 5mm thick (product weight 7kg), and lighter Aluminum (2kg)
  • An open stand is needed for those people who do not want to hide components in a closed case.
  • The practical value of an open case is easy access to components. If you regularly change hardware, then an open stand is perfect for this.
  • The R1 is also suitable for the modding enthusiast, as its design provides a lot of creativity.

Stand R1

AIO Fasteners
    • Size : 185 x 340 x 197mm
    • Material : Steel or Aluminum
    • Thickness : 5mm
    • Weight : 2-7kg
    • Color: Black Texture or other

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