Case under the order! Collection of orders for the current Batch every calendar month.

Case manufacturing on average 3-4 months.


  • Unique Ventilation Holes
  • The housing has a sturdy steel frame
  • Quality Powder Paint.
  • The ability to install the motherboard vertically or horizontally.
  • Front ports 2xUSB 3.0 + audio / mic
  • When installing the motherboard vertically, you do not need a riser cable. You can also install a mini-DTX motherboard
  • Completely screw connection.
  • Case Weight 2kg

Case R-Cube 12.7L preorder

Riser PCIe x 16
DisplayPort 1.4 300mm
USB front port
    • Size: 12.7L (302mm x 227mm x 185mm)
    • Material: Steel 1mm, Aluminum 1.5mm
    • Connection: Screws 4-5mm, M3 thread
    • Powder paint: Black texture / Dark Gray metallic / Red metallic or other
    • Weight: 2kg



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