SLM2 lm 5.7L is a mini PC case. Easiest PC assembly thanks to simple design. Takes up little space in your backpack and on your desk.

The case is suitable for gaming PCs with Core i7 processors and mini GeForce RTX2070 graphics cards. Designed for HDPlex 400W Power Supplies

  • Unique Vents SKYSLOTS designed by NFC systems.

  • The casing has a durable and lightweight construction of 1.5-2mm Aluminum.

  • High quality powder paint.

  • The CPU faces up and the GPU faces up

  • Body weight is less than 1kg!

  • Connecting a video card via a proprietary Reaser cable LiHeat

  • Fully screwed connection.

  • Frameless design.

  • Stand for vertical installation with screws

Case SLM2 5.7L gray-red

$169.00 Regular Price
$159.00Sale Price
Riser PCIe x 16
    • Size : 5.7L (370mm x 220mm x 70mm)
    • Material : Aluminum (1.5-2mm)
    • Connection : 5mm TORX screws, M3 thread
    • Weight : 1kg
    • Powder paint: "Sugar"
      Option - Dark Gray Metallic + Red Metallic

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