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Collection of orders for the current batch every calendar month.

The manufacture of the body on average 3-4 months.


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Be careful when choosing a usb 3.1 type C port! There are two types of connectors for connecting to the motherboard. Make sure your motherboard has one or the other connector.

If you select "no", there will NOT be a hole in the case.


SLM1 lm 4L is the best case for a mini PC with an external power supply. It was designed for mid-range components. Core i7 processors and GeForce GTX1660 graphics cards.


  • Unique SKYSLOTS Ventilation Holes developed by NFC systems.
  • The case has a sturdy and lightweight construction of 2mm Aluminum.
  • Quality Powder Paint.
  • The CPU faces up and the GPU faces up
  • Case weight a little more than 1kg!
  • Connecting a Video Card through a Corporate Reaser LiHeat Flex Cable
  • Front port USB Type C
  • Stand for vertical installation.
  • Completely screw connection.
  • Frameless construction.

Housing SLM2 lm 5.7L under the order!

USB 3.1 front port
Riser PCIe x 16
  • Specifications:

    • Size : 5.7L (370mm x 220mm x 70mm)
    • Material : Aluminum (2mm)
    • Connection : 5mm TORX screws, M3 thread
    • Weight : 1.2kg
    • Powder Paint: Sugar
      Option 1 - Dark Gray Metallic
      Option 2 - Dark Gray Metallic + Red Metallic



  • Compatibility:

    • MB: mini-ITX (170x170mm)
    • GPU: long up to 210mm, width 135mm
    • Cooler: up to 48mm high
    • RAM: up to 55 mm high
    • Storage: M.2 and SSD / HDD: 2 x 2.5 "5-7mm
    • PSU: HDPLEX 400W
    • PCI-e riser: GEN 3.0 Li-Heat B.type 350mm
  • Equipment:

    • 2mm Allen key
    • On button : 16mm LED
    • Set of mounting screws
    • 2xPVC Protection for Motherboard and Video Card


  • Additionally*:

    • PCIe riser: 350mm LiHeat
    • USB 3.1 Type C Internal Port
    • Aluminum stand for vertical installation
    • Dustend G1 dust filters

    * optional equipment




    Delivery to other countries: Air, priority

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