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SX3 lm 11L is a small case for a productive gaming PC. Despite the small volume in it, you can assemble a fairly powerful PC. You can install an SJO to cool the CPU and even the video card. Easy assembly due to simple construction. Seats for fans will allow you to organize good ventilation inside the case.


In the case, you can install a video card up to three slots thick and up to 310 mm long, both horizontally and vertically. There are fasteners for installing a radiator of a liquid cooling system. On top of the case can be located several headphone and microphone jacks, as well as a pair of USB 3.0 sockets


Case SX3 lm 11L under the order

$79.00 Regular Price
$74.00Sale Price
Top-Front Cover
Side cover 1
Side cover 2
Top connectors
Power button
Grill Frame
  • Specifications:

    • Size: 11.2L (W152.5 x L315 x H234 mm)
    • Material: Frame Steel 1mm; Covers aluminum 1mm or acrylic 2mm
    • Connection : 4-6mm screws, M3 thread

    Powder paint:

    • Frame - Red texture;
    • Covers - Dark Metallic Graphite

    If you need other colors, write in the comment on the order.
    It is necessary to indicate the color according to the RAL catalog and its texture (gloss, mat, etc.)



  • Compatibility:

    • MB: mini ITX / mini DTX (170 x 203mm)
    • Cooler: up to 130mm high

    (from CPU to side cover 133mm)

    • AIO: Radiator max 145x310mm (when ordering Grill type A)
    • PSU: SFX / SFX-L
    • GPU: long up to <305mm, three slots, width 130
    • Storage: SSD / HDD: 2 x 2.5 "front

    top thickness up to 7mm

    • Fan: 1 at the back 92mm or 80mm

    may limit the installation space of the radiator

    • Fans: 2 bottom 140x25mm or 120mm

    when installing fans, the space for installing the video card is reduced in thickness

    • Fans: on top are several of all sizes up to 120mm. 140x25mm if you lower the motherboard down, only two slot video cards.


  • Equipment:

    Base $ 79 includes:

    • Steel frame (base with Grill type B)
      Color: Red Metallic or Black
    • Rubber feet
    • On button : 16mm
    • Set of mounting screws
    • Internal network cable for power supply

    When ordering, you can choose additionally:

    • Grill type a
      allows you to install additional fans on the side or radiator
    • Frame 12f
      allows you to securely fix the 120mm fan on top
    • Grill filter
      Dust filter with metal grill on magnets. Installed from the bottom of the case
    • Ports on Top 2xUSB 3.0 + audio / mic
      cable block
    • Covers in Aluminum, Steel or Acrylic
      partially on screws and neodymium magnets
  • Additionally*:

    * possible complete set. follow the link and add to cart separately.




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