Lightweight aluminum case with steel frame. Compact arrangement of components inside the case, by the type of "sandwich" and internal PSU format SFX. This case does not take up much space on the table. You can install two slot ITX video card and motherboard. There is a place for installing SSD or HDD format 2.5 ".

Case SXM lm 6.3L wg

Riser PCIe x 16
  • Specifications:

    • Size : 6.3L (260mm x 130mm x 187mm)
    • Material : Aluminum (1.5mm); Steel (1mm); Acrylic (2mm).
    • Connection : Screws 4-8mm, M3 thread, Torx
    • Weight : 1.2kg
    • Powder Coat: Dark Gray Metallic



  • Compatibility:

    • MB: mini-ITX (170x170mm)
    • GPU: up to 183mm long
    • Cooler: up to 65mm high
    • FAN: 1x120x15mm slim ( NF-A12x15 pwm)
    • Storage: 2 x SSD / HDD 2.5 "
    • PCI-e riser: GEN 3.0 Li-Heat
    • PSU: SFX / SFX-L *



    (Corsair SF platinum recommended)
    * When installing the SFX-L PSU, it is not possible to install a 2.5 "drive in the bottom of the case.

    Giga GTX1080 Mini, Giga RTX2070 mini, MSI GTX1070 aero, MSI RTX2070 aero compatible


  • Equipment:

    • On button 12mm Chrome LED
    • Feet Rubber Black
    • Set of mounting screws
    • 2mm Allen key
  • Additionally*:

    * optional equipment



    Delivery to other countries: Air, priority

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