Help in choosing a suitable Mini Enclosure.

Choosing a MINI Case can be a daunting task. In addition to the appearance, the future housing must fit all the necessary components. The choice of components directly depends on the future tasks that your PC will perform. Below we have tried to show which case models are better suited for certain tasks.

  • Models for the Office. As a rule, budget computers are assembled for office tasks. They consist of a motherboard, a budget processor with integrated graphics (so as not to spend money on buying a video card) , a small cooler for cooling the CPU (usually the one that comes with the CPU) , a Power Supply and a small drive. So that computers in the office do not take up much space, we offer compact cases that can be neatly placed on the table or even fixed to the monitor. Of course, we can assemble ready-made PCs for you and even cut your company logo on the case!


The most compact model but external power supply. This can be a plus if the PC assembled in it is hung behind the monitor. Light weight will not wobble the monitor.

Slightly large model but with an internal 1U flex power supply. The weight of the assembled PC in such a case is about 2 kg. The case can also be hung behind a VESA 100x100 monitor.

  • Travel Models. Extremely lightweight and compact! This is what a computer should be for those who often carry it with them. Of course, the size of the chosen model should correspond to the future tasks. If this is a low-power PC, for example, for watching YouTube, then the models from the list above are quite suitable for you ☝. If the computer is for something more, for example, for Gaming, then the graphics integrated into the CPU will not be enough. It's good that some manufacturers make compact copies of even powerful video cards, for example, with RTX2070 video chips. A compact power supply is not necessarily a little powerful and it is not necessarily an external one, like a "brick" laptop. We consider the flex ATX 1U format to be the most compact option for an internal PSU. The power of such PSUs can reach 600W! Although for the most powerful assemblies, 350W is enough.


The most compact model with a video card but the Power Supply is external and its size will directly depend on the power of your computer. The external PSU may not be that easy to use, but that doesn't stop the real fans of the SFF community.


The case model is made in SLIM format, which can be very convenient for transportation. Also, the body is made entirely of aluminum, which makes it very lightweight. The disadvantage is again an external power supply. Although we have a model with an internal power supply unit SLM2.


Slightly large model but with an internal 1U flex power supply. The weight of the assembled PC in such a case is about 3-4 kg. Ideal for a compact PC.

SXM 6.3L.png

The difference from the FX 4.7L is in the more common PSU format and is SFX, as well as SFX-L. As a result, more volume and slightly more weight. Do not choose models with windows if you are going on a trip.


The most compact model can accommodate the most top-end video cards, such as the RTX 3080. The case is also well ventilated, which allows for efficient cooling of the components.

SX2 7.5L.png

Although the format of this model is not very ideal for travel, we will post it here. The case accommodates full-size graphics cards and SFX power supplies. You can also use Asetec's LSS to cool the CPU.

  • For Performance PCs. Mini does not mean little powerful! It is quite possible to assemble a powerful computer in our mini Cases for Gaming, Streaming, Video editing and other resource-intensive tasks. Top motherboards of the mini ITX format can be used as a basis for building TOP PCs on intel Core i9 and AMD RYZEN 9 processors. SFX power supplies can have a power reserve of up to 800W, which is quite enough to power video cards of the Geforce RTX 3080 level and top CPUs! The last two models from the list above☝ can also be suitable for building a powerful PC.

SX3 11L.png

Graphics cards with powerful cooling up to three slots thick, Tower coolers or LSS for CPU cooling. Installation of case fans for better cooling and the ability to select the necessary elements of the case when ordering.


Small Tower case with good ventilation for hot components.


Custom cases for the highest performing PCs. 


If you need help choosing a suitable Enclosure or selecting components for assembly, please contact in any convenient way. We will gladly help you.

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