SX2 7.5L  

Compact PC Case


  Asetec 645LT


SX2 7.5L the most durable and relatively inexpensive Steel case. It was designed for high-end components such as Core i7 or RYZEN 7 processors and GeForce GTX 2080 graphics cards.

The arrangement of the components according to the "Sandwich" type allows efficient cooling of the components inside the case. For additional cooling of the motherboard, a 92x92x14mm slim fan can be installed on top of the case. Such blowing of radiators on the chipset and VRM zone is recommended when installing Asetec LSS.


  • Screw connection of body elements made of 1mm thick steel.

  • These housings are painted exclusively with Powder paint.

  • To connect a video card, we use only high-quality PCI-e riser with support for GEN 3.0 produced by Li-Heat.

  • The SFX format PSU is located at the front, so the case has a 300V, 16A power cable 60cm long.

  • A seat at the top of the motherboard for a 92x14mm fan.


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