SX3 11L

The SX3 11L is a small case for a high-performance gaming PC. Despite the small volume, you can assemble a fairly powerful PC in it. You can install All-In-One to cool the CPU and even the video card. Easy enough assembly due to simple design. Fan slots allow for good ventilation inside the case.

A video card up to three slots thick and up to 305mm long can be installed in the case. There are fasteners for installing a radiator for a liquid cooling system. There are several headphone and microphone jacks on top of the case, as well as a pair of USB 3.0 or 2.0 jacks.

  • Compact case for three slot graphics cards.

  • Size 152 x 315 x 234mm

  • Powder paint.

  • Connecting a video card to a motherboard without riser.

  • The power supply is located at the front, angled cable included.

  • Possibility to install All-In-One for efficient cooling.