SX1 6.8L  

Compact PC Case


video card

SX1 .png

Production of the SX1 6.8L Hull has been temporarily halted due to some difficulties. We are working on a new revision. You can take part in the creation of a new model by writing your wishes on the forum .

Thanks for working together!


  • Case Frame Steel (1mm), fully screwed. External panels are made of Aluminum (1.5mm).

  • These case are painted exclusively with Powder paint or varnish.

  • To connect a video card, we use only high-quality PCI-e riser with support for GEN 3.0 produced by Li-Heat.

  • The SFX format PSU is located at the front, so the case has a 300V, 16A power cable 60cm long.

  • A USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 Type C port can be mounted in the front of the case.


Reviews of the first SX Prototypes

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