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SX lm 6.8L rev.6

           SX lm 6.8L is the result of a long journey and a great desire to do the impossible. It was designed for top-end components, such as Core i7 processors and GeForce RTX 2080 graphics cards.

The location of the components according to the "Sandwich" type allows you to take in cold air from outside the case and drive it up. In this way, overheating of components can be avoided even without additional blowing by case fans.

So we got a very compact case that will suit connoisseurs of the small form factor (SFF), developers, gamers and all those who are not ready to sacrifice the third part of the table for a large PC case.

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  • Size:  305mm x 120mm x 185mm

  • Material: Steel (1mm), Aluminum (1.5mm)

  • MB: mini-ITX (170x170mm)

  • GPU: Dual Slot, long to 300mm (max 44x140mm)

  • Cooler: высотой до 48mm

  • RAM: up to 55 mm

  • FAN: 92x92x25mm

  • Storage: 2 x SSD 2.5"

(instead of the case fan)

  • PSU: SFX / SFX-L*

When installing an SFX-L power supply unit, it is possible to install only one 2.5 ”data storage device.

Special features

  • Steel Case Frame (1mm), fully screwed. The outer panels are made of aluminum (1.5mm).

  • These shells are painted exclusively with Powder paint or varnish.

  • To connect the video card, we use only high-quality PCI-e riser with support for GEN 3.0 from Li-Heat.

  • The SFX power supply unit is located at the front, so there is a 300V, 16A long 450mm power cable in the case.

  • A USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 Type C port can be mounted in front of the case.


We recommend for the top assembly, in the case SX al 6.8L the following configuration.

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