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VeGa 13L  

  Water cooling


The VG lm 13L PC is built to amaze and conquer with its size and power. Independent liquid cooling system for Processor and Video card allows overclocking even in a small case!


It was important for us to build the most compact and powerful PC in a small package!

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  • 1.5mm thick Aluminum body and 1mm sturdy Steel frame. 

  • Glass "museum" 2mm

  • Covered with Bordeaux powder varnish.

  • One USB 3.0 port on top.

  • Connecting a video card via rizer LiHeat D.type 300mm

  • SFX Power Supply

  • Two LSS radiators.

  • Two slim case fans

  • Installed Dust Filters



  • Size:  280mm x 320mm x 140mm

  • Material: Steel Aluminium(1.5mm); Steel (1mm)

  • MB: mini-ITX (170x170mm)

  • GPU: max 44 x 315 x 140mm

  • Cooler: WaterBlock (max 60mm) 

  • Radiator: max 310x130x40mm

  • Storage: 1 x 2.5" 

  • PSU: SFX / SFX-L

  • FANs: 2 x 120x120x15mm slim

MB: Asus Rog Strix X470-i Gaming‎
CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 2600 4025MHz

Cooling: Arctic LF120
RAM:(2x16GB) 32Gb Patriot 3000MHz
GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX VEGA64 WB

Riser: LiHeat 300mm type.D
PSU: SilverStone 600W SX600-G 

Cable MOD silver
SDD: 2.5" Goodram Iridium Pro 1Tb
2 x ID-Cooling 120x120x15 pwm slim